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Ankle Straps D-Ring ,

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The ALZEQRI D-RING ankle strap is ideal for build power and strength in legs, thighs and hips. These special designed ankle straps to maximize and resistance for your legs hips and gluts.

The ALZEQRI ankle straps makes lower-body workouts more efficient and help to train numerous lower-body muscles such as the hamstrings, gauds and gluts

Our comfortable nylon backed ankle strap allows you to work the legs and Gluts on any cable or pulley machine. A simple twin D-Ring attachment that works with any karabiner or clip system on the outside



·         High Quality Ankle Cuff pulley Strap

·         Made of high quality Neoprene and Padded with nylon straps

·         Double d-ring attachment Hooks

·         The adjustable Velcro strap makes it suitable for use around ankle

·         Provides long lasting durability and outstanding comfort Lined with shock-absorbent padding

·         Extra wide inside padding provide safety and comfort to your ankle during workouts.

·         Twin D Rings for easy cable attachment with any Multi Gym or Machines

·         Length 11” & 4” wide Neoprene Cushion, with Extended 9″ straps

·         Provides long lasting durability and outstanding comfort

·         Build power and strength in legs, thighs, and hips

·         Universal Size Fits All


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